Volume 4: In Dialogue Colour (September 2020)

Holistic Science Journal

Holistic Science Journal engages a systematic study (based on Goethe's work), into the holistic nature of seeing, participation and action. It balances a reductionist focus on parts with a more heart-based sensitivity to fulfilling the natural potential of dynamical wholes, such as in our relationship with colour, a plant or the landscape.

The question of the relation of the whole and the part is a puzzle that has engaged many people from the Greeks, to indegenous cultures, to physics and mathematics today. The relation is paradoxical, because on the one hand, the parts derive their sense from the whole but on the other hand, the whole comes from the parts. Holistic Science seeks through the imaganation to follow the freedom of whole and part to find the pattern of its everyday manifestations in the world. Holistic Science also asks what is the right educational form for this inquiry where participation creates the whole that lives through the parts.

Holistic Science is about developing practises and skills that directly through languages in the manner of old apprenticeships enters into the dynamic of wholeness to navigate a living world.


Print ISSN: 2044-4370
Online ISSN: 2044-4389

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