Dynamic Wholeness

Vol 2, No 2 (2013)
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Table of Contents

Ariadne’s Thread PDF
Philip Franses

Journey to a Wake and Memoir in Tribute PDF
Patrick Henry

Henri and I PDF
Jackie Bortoft

Encountering the whole PDF
David Seamon

Philosophy as lived PDF
Ingrid L Stefanovic

Changing Young Heads With Henri PDF
CJ Moore

The Arithmetic of Wholeness PDF
Basil Hiley

Prints and drawings by Lizzie Laessing PDF
Lizzie Laessing

Paintings and Poems by Patrick Henry PDF
Patrick Henry

The Act of Distinction PDF
Henri Bortoft

Something really happened here PDF
Philip Franses

Upstream Thinking PDF
John Shotter

The Phenomenology of Water PDF
Ingrid L Stefanovic

When What is Given is What is Needed PDF
Ezra Hewing

Seeing the Organisation Whole PDF
Simon Robinson

A Journey Into The Question PDF
Paul Carter

If Goethe had a camera? PDF
Grant Riley

The Buddha and Wholeness PDF
Satish Kumar