Volume 4: In Dialogue Colour (September 2020)

Holistic Science Journal

Holistic Science Journal is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes historical and systematic articles in science, mathematics and philosophy that are based on an holistic approach. Holistic approaches are broadly conceived as approaches that do not reduce the properties or structures of a whole, such as an organism or system, to the properties or structures of its parts. Rather, on an holistic conception the part is only the part that it is in the context of the whole.

Holistic Science bridges the traditional division between the sciences and humanities, and seeks to overcome other dualisms, such as object-subject and mind-body dualism. Exemplars of holistic approaches include Aristotle’s biology, Goethe’s scientific studies, Schelling's Naturphilosophie, Hegel’s historical philosophy, projective geometry, Einstein's relativity, quantum theory, gestalt psychology, Wittgenstein’s linguistic philosophy, systems theory, Spencer-Brown's logic of distinction.


Print ISSN: 2044-4370
Online ISSN: 2044-4389

Most read articles

H. Bortoft The Transformative Potential of Paradox

B. Hiley The Arithmetic of Wholeness

H. Bortoft The Act of Distinction

J. Cashford Mythos and Logos

S. Ferris Alchemy: A Modern View

P. Franses The Creative Relation of Whole and Part

L. Kaufmann Compresence and Coalescence

T. Vine Newton, Goethe and the Mathematical Style of Thinking

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